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Through the ‘Service’ Looking-Glass

How modern SaaS applications can provide transparency and simplification in workplace service management

With the advances in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for traditional activities ranging from on-line retail through to legal services, it is no accident that the workplace and facilities management sector is rapidly embracing on-line technology to replace conventional computer-aided-facilities-management (CAFM) solutions.

The real challenge now is how to migrate from the conventional to the new world of SaaS applications that deliver end-to-end service management to a level of transparency and automated workflow that has never really been achieved through the conventional CAFM approach.

At Enlight Group, we provide services to a diverse customer base that ranges from SMEs through to corporates - serviced by an innovative hybrid of directly employed service teams and a regional ‘best-of-breed’ service partner network. Having the agility that a SaaS application provides is fundamental to our integrated service approach. As identified by a recent industry survey, over 30% of organisations still rely on Excel and paper- based tools to manage their workplace services; if you sit in this third and lack the service information at your fingertips these days, and don’t have access to it quickly, it can be a daunting place in-terms of delivering sustainable compliancy and continuous service improvements.

The Top 5 elements of our SaaS application for service management:

  • Delivering value for money using:

  • First-Time-Service (FTS) functionality

  • Not-to-Exceed (NTE) capability

  • Agile service schedule with work-stacking

  • Automated service-flow

  • Compliancy calendar

  • Live dashboarding

At Enlight we integrate the above elements on different levels to incorporate these at progressive stages of a service operation. Yes a well-managed service management application should mean that the correct service partner... is on site, at the right time, with the right service information; the application should simplify the service delivery process. These elements combine to have a knock-on effect and....

Increase the first-time-service - improve customer satisfaction levels – build stronger relationships

Ultimately, hitting the high-spots on Enlights’s TOP 5 elements: Delivering Value for Money for our Customers !

Contact us to find out more about what we mean by our Not-to-Exceed (NTE) and First-time-Service (FTS) approach or enquire about our FREE / No Obligation Service Health-check

About the Author:

Frank Rodriguez is Executive Chairman of Enlight Group and has over 30 years of experience in the outsourcing and facilities management sector having worked globally for leading service organisations. He has won numerous business awards in this field, including the prestigious National Entrepreneur of the Year, FT Fast Track and European Hot 100 awards. He has pioneered co-sourcing as a ‘next generation’ integrated service solution and has chaired numerous industry or academic forums for outsourcing, workplace services, facilities management and associated service technology.


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